6 trends to watch out in the sex industry

When we talk about the progress of various industries and think of ways to improve them, we often ignore the sex industry. It is always hidden in the background. But it’s a huge industry and it’s growing.

In Canada, cooperatives like WCCSIP, are working toward improving the condition. They have come up with the ‘Leading the Way’ project to provide a better work environment for the sex workers in Canada.

Technology has a great impact on this industry. As this industry is growing despite the government restrictions, here are some trends you should know about.

Decriminalization of sex work

In many countries, sex works are criminalized. That means it’s illegal to do any kind of sex business. People cannot offer sex for money and the operations of brothels are stopped. However, these laws don’t affect the sex industry. The people running such businesses are still working undercover and there is high demand for these services as well.

This situation is leading to health hazards. It is also making the work environment unsafe for the sex workers. There is no regulation or law concerning the worker’s health or the work environment like the other occupations. So, if the sex work is decriminalized, there will be proper regulations in place to preserve the rights of the sex workers.

High demand for pornography

We live in a world where we cannot imagine a world without pornography. According to a recent study, pornography makes for 30% of the Internet traffic. Pornography constitutes billions of dollars to US economy. A similar picture is seen in other countries as well.

Technology will play an important role

Sex offerings will not be limited to having sex with a sex worker. The augmented reality and robotics will provide more service options to clients. People can now have virtual sex over the Internet. There are many online dating and pornographic sites that allow virtual sex.

Sex will be more intimate

People like the ‘girlfriend experience’ rather than the ‘porn-star’ experience. So, the sex workers will give more personalized services to make the relationship more intimate. The sex worker may provide gifts, cards, etc. to make the experience more real and intimate.

Better business

A sex worker will not have to stand on the streets to get clients. They can have their own websites and attract clients through their own platform. This way they can cut off the intermediary and have better control of their business.

Involvement of mainstream organizations

The mainstream organizations will give importance to the role the sex industry plays in the economy of the country. They will recognize the potential of this industry to bring in revenue. PETA, for example, launched a .xxx site for promoting vegetarianism.  Sony Entertainment also partnered with Playboy to launch PlayStation Vita.

In many countries, the sex industry accounts for a significant portion of the country’s revenue. These trends indicate that the industry will grow and become like any other business. So, they won’t operate undercover anymore and there will be strict regulations in place to monitor the safety of the sex workers.