CAEC’s Role in the Canada Sex Industry

Prostitution is a profession that is not accepted in many countries as legal. Still, most countries have sex workers working on the shadow. The nature of the work, health concerns, safe work environment, society, and other factors make prostitution an illegal profession.

Like many other countries, the current law in Canada makes prostitution illegal. According to this law, it is illegal to advertise sexual service or have sex for money. Prostitution is now seen as a form of sexual exploitation. It affects women in a negative way.

The sex industry is a great concern for the Canadian Society and the CAEC is working towards improving the situation. The CAEC has offered formation of a review committee to make sure that there are transparency and accountability in this industry. This will ensure that ethical industry practices are followed.

The CAEC will also ensure that there is no exploitation of youth and no issue of trafficking in this industry. The review committee will monitor the industry closely to make sure that trafficking doesn’t take place. It is crime and it has negative effects on the lives of the young girls.

There will be workshops to discuss the current environment of sex workers and how to improve the condition. Occupational health and safety training will be developed so that the sex workers can make safe decisions.  They will be able to provide a better service in a safe environment.

There will be a certification process that will ensure that the business or brand conducting such business has met the health standards. There will also be a penalty system for violation of standards. This will improve the health conditions of the sex workers. There will be less risk of sexually transmitted diseases like HIV or STD.

Some protests are going on to bring the current laws down related to sex work. However, this will only be possible if the industry self-govern and police itself. The people in this industry should respect each other and collaborate to make it a safer place to work.

Prostitution can be decriminalized if the safe environment can be ensured for the sex workers, trafficking can be stopped and self-governance and policing be implemented so that it doesn’t affect the society at large.

Despite the law for criminalizing prostitution in Canada, many sex workers think that they should be given the chance to have their own living. They think that they have the right to work without creating any threat to the society.

That’s why the authorities like CAEC who are part of this industry are thinking of some reform of the law. This can only be possible if all the stakeholders, workers, and the health care providers work together to make it a better place to work in.