Sex workers are always seen as people who are not part of a decent society. They are often neglected and in many countries working as a sex worker is a crime. Despite all these negative aspects, the sex industry is booming. There has always been demand for paid sex and it hasn’t decreased over the years.

The sex industry in Canada is also a big business. A new law on prostitution has been passed recently in Canada giving rise to many debates. This blog is about the Canada sex industry. You will learn about the law, condition, trends, etc. about this industry from this blog.

I’ve thoroughly researched the sex industry in general and the Canada sex industry in particular. You will be surprised to know some facts about this industry. The life of a sex worker is a complete mystery. Most of them have to go through lots of hardships to survive this way.

In this blog, you will find articles about the lives of sex workers, laws related to this industry, the work environment, difficulties in working, and many more things. I’ve interviewed a lot of sex workers to learn about their lives. I’ve also read lots of books on sex workers.

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